Long Beach, CA— On March 5, Long Beach City Council recognized The Long Beach Suffrage Centennial .  With Zoe Nicholson as chair of the The Suffrage Circle of Women, a group of more than fifteen women are planning events, performances and educational programs beginning in August 2019. The group’s mission is to lift up the City of Long Beach in a year long celebration acknowledging the work of all women’s struggles for the right to vote, including the central role that Long Beach played in the fight for women’s rights, ending on National Women’s Equality day, August 26, 2020.

“The Suffrage Circle of Women, includes teachers, researchers, performers and artists. It is our vision that this extraordinary series of events will be taking place across the entire city, in all districts, libraries and schools. When the true 100th birthday of the 19th amendment arrives, Long Beach will have both honored and celebrated the vote as well as educated everyone on its importance,” stated Nicholson.

We recognize that the signing of the 19th Amendment, did not make the vote available to all women.  Today voting still remains out of reach to many. In the midst of voter suppression, we are not just celebrating the vote but also drawing attention to the importance of guaranteed access.  With support from the City, the Centennial Circle of Women seeks to increase civic engagement and raise awareness about the history of Women’s Right to Vote.

States, cities, commissions and organizations from The Girl Scouts to The League of Women Voters are preparing to inspire the whole country to say, “Our vote is precious.”

To learn more about the Suffrage Centennial, visit:



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